Should You Increase the Security System in Your Office Building?

security camera hanging from the ceiling in an office building

The modern office is a dynamic environment, constantly evolving to meet the demands of a changing world. Some people have gradually returned to in-person work, but not necessarily full-time. Over a third of remote employees have decided to keep working from home, while 41% choose a hybrid solution.

Commercial security companies in Oregon now have the challenge of recognizing employees they only see intermittently. The resulting lack of familiarity means unwelcome people could enter your building.

Relying on staff is no longer adequate ‚ÄĒ you need to consider upgrading to a¬†multifaceted security system. This article investigates the reasons to fortify your security system, including protection, deterrence, advanced monitoring and rapid response times.

Benefits of Having a Robust Security System

Upgrading your office security system prevents threats to your office and workplace and protects your employees and valuable assets. Consider these six additional advantages.

1. Comprehensive Protection

Your office houses many valuable assets, from confidential documents to expensive equipment. Upgrading your security system ensures comprehensive protection for all these assets, including safeguarding against theft, vandalism and unauthorized access. With such measures in place, you minimize the risk of disruptions to your operations.

2. Deterrence of Criminal Activity

Criminals evaluate and monitor a space before approaching it, looking for easy targets. If they see advanced surveillance cameras and access control systems, they will think twice before attempting a break-in. The mere presence of security for office buildings in Oregon shields you.

3. Enhanced Employee Safety

A modern security system also protects your employees from wide-ranging threats. Team members can be proactive in emergencies such as fires or security and contact the relevant authorities.

4. Access Control and Monitoring

Business security in Oregon offers advanced access control options, allowing you to dictate who can access specific areas within your office building. You can implement personalized access cards and biometric systems or even use cellphones as credentials. Access control systems also provide invaluable data on office access patterns.

5. Reduced Insurance Premiums

Many insurance providers offer reduced premiums to businesses with robust security measures. An upgraded system decreases your chances of experiencing crimes, while saving you money.

6. Rapid Response and Real-Time Monitoring

Today’s security systems come with real-time monitoring capabilities that immediately detect any security breach or suspicious activity and report it to first responders.

How to Know if You Should Increase Security

These indicators can help you determine whether it’s time to boost your¬†Oregon security system.

  • Recent security incidents:¬†You may need to beef up your system if your office building has recently experienced a security incident. Frequent break-ins, vandalism or unauthorized access should strongly motivate you to upgrade your security measures.
  • Changes in the office environment:¬†Any significant changes in your office environment, such as an increase in workforce size, restructuring or a move to a new location, can impact your¬†commercial property security services requirements. As your office grows or undergoes transformations, you may need to adjust the security infrastructure to accommodate the new dynamics.
  • Proximity to high-crime areas:¬†Heightened security measures are essential if your office is in or near a high-crime area. Illegal activity in the vicinity can easily spill over into your premises.
  • Aging security infrastructure:¬†Security technology evolves rapidly. If your security system lacks modern features, it may be vulnerable to exploitation by savvy criminals.
  • Employee feedback:¬†Your employees are the frontline of your office security. Encourage them to provide input on any concerns they may have. You need security improvements if multiple people express discomfort or raise safety issues.
  • Technology advancements:¬†The security industry continually evolves, offering new and more effective solutions. Consider upgrading to take advantage of the latest technologies if your current system lacks modern features like remote monitoring, biometrics or artificial intelligence.

Options for Increasing Security in Your Office Building

You have multiple choices for enhancing security in your building. Instead of investing in one solution, use a multifaceted approach to safeguard your workplace.

  • Artificial intelligence and video analysis:¬†AI can detect objects and recognize faces. You can quickly¬†search through hours of footage¬†to identify incidents and intruders.
  • Central station monitoring:¬†Highly trained monitors¬†are on duty 24/7, immediately addressing any breaches or alarms. They can contact authorities or security personnel and, in some cases, even dispatch guards to your location in response to security incidents.
  • Security alarms:¬†Upgraded security alarms have features that detect unauthorized access, breaches and environmental threats like fires and floods. You can control and monitor these alarms remotely and in real time.
  • Surveillance:¬†High-quality live video surveillance¬†is a foundational component of any modern security system. It allows you to monitor and record activities within your office building 24/7. If you have multiple locations, you can remotely access video footage from all of them with the added convenience of cloud storage. Surveillance provides real-time protection and evidence in security incidents.
  • Integration:¬†The power of integration and communication between these security systems lies in the collective strength they provide. When a security breach occurs, a fully integrated system can trigger a coordinated response, automatically recording video footage, sounding alarms and alerting authorities. This holistic approach enhances your ability to detect and respond to threats. It simplifies management, providing a more efficient and convenient security solution.

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