One of the best ways to protect your home or business is with a wireless security system. Wireless security systems safeguard your property through a combination of cameras and alarms using your Wi-Fi network. When you add the convenience of remote monitoring, you and your trusted provider can watch over your investments even when you're on the go.

How Does Remote Monitoring Work?

With mobile and remote monitoring, your cameras and alarms send notifications to a user's mobile phone and a primary monitoring station crewed by experienced security professionals. Specially trained staff will spot suspicious activity and react to it quickly to keep your property secure. Since the monitoring center operates day and night, your home or business enjoys total round-the-clock protection.

The Benefits of Mobile Monitoring for Oregon Businesses and Residences

Remote home and business monitoring can yield many benefits, including:


  • Crime prevention:¬†Remote surveillance is a deterrent to vandals and burglars alike.
  • Automation:¬†Advances in remote monitoring software and artificial intelligence have decreased false alarms.
  • Assurance:¬†Your home or business is protected 24/7, allowing you to sleep peacefully and travel without worry.
  • Immediate notification:¬†Both you and your monitoring provider receive information about potential issues as they arise.
  • Quick connection to emergency services:¬†Your remote monitoring provider can rapidly contact police, fire and¬†even emergency medical services¬†when you need them most.
  • Insurance discounts:¬†Many insurers provide sizable discounts for a security system supplemented by a remote monitoring service.
  • Backup power:¬†Your monitoring provider can¬†route power to your devices to keep you protected¬†in the event of an outage.


Monitor Your Property Even When You Aren't There

The most convenient aspect of remote monitoring services is the ability to protect all you hold dear even when you're on the go. Take that long-overdue vacation or essential business trip, assured that a dedicated team of professionals watches over your home or business to keep it safe. Cellular notifications inform you every step of the way ‚ÄĒ you always know what's happening even when you're off the premises.

With doorbell cameras and integrated security apps, our systems keep you informed of everything that affects your property.

Check in at Any Time

Mobile access allows you to view your property from your phone at any time. With live video feeds, you can verify important package deliveries or see what your pets are doing. This feature lets you ensure your children arrived home from school safely or that your employees are following compliance procedures with a few simple clicks.

Trust Security Monster for Mobile and Remote Monitoring for Your Property

At Security Monster, we know how important it is to safeguard the things and people you love. We've been a leading remote home and business monitor in Eugene, Oregon, and the surrounding areas for more than 15 years. You can count on our advanced technology and monitoring service to keep your property secure. Get the peace of mind you deserve and start protecting your investments today by contacting us for your free quote.