Security for Schools

Today’s schools feature metal detectors, locked doors and panic buttons in each classroom to keep students and faculty safe. However, modern school security measures may make students feel like they’re attending a prison rather than an educational institution. Choose an effective and nonintrusive security system to protect learning environments without overwhelming students and staff.

Security Alarm for Schools

Modern schools face various security concerns on a daily basis. There’s the issue of illegal substances, such as alcohol, nicotine and marijuana, entering the facility and being passed between students. Petty theft is another issue, with items being stolen from gym locker room facilities.

Many schools install security cameras to protect students from bullying. Stairways and dark corners provide a cover for students to abuse other students. When there’s a large student-to-teacher ratio, a security camera for schools provides another set of eyes to protect students where adults cannot be physically present.

Higher threat levels in schools include physical violence, either between students or by an intruder onto school property. Schools must monitor entry points to ensure there are no weapons on campus and control who is allowed access to school facilities.

School safety measures follow a few basic guidelines that mimic other secure facilities in the U.S. For example, securing the school entrance means no weapons or intruders can get inside the building, ensuring student safety. Installing cameras often makes students think twice before engaging in questionable behavior. These systems act as a deterrent because even if someone isn’t watching the students now, their actions can be discovered later.

Why Choose Security Monster?

At Security Monster, we offer comprehensive commercial security services across Oregon that include camera systems, access control, alarm systems, central station monitoring and guard response services. Our systems secure your facility with multiple layers of protection so that your students and staff can have peace of mind while at school.

Our Service Benefits

We understand that every school is different. Choose one of our security systems or invest in a full integration to cover your highest security needs. We can help you assess your facility and design the most effective security system for the property with options like:

  • Surveillance
  • Alarms
  • AI video analytics

Although our systems heighten security for schools, they do so with minimal interference for staff and students. Most of our systems run in the background, protecting students without feeding into their concern for their safety. The last thing we want to do is put more stress on anyone who relies on your school for a comfortable, positive learning or work environment.

Security Monster also offers fire alarm systems and cable and wiring services. We take safety seriously and will work with you to ensure you get the maximum benefit from our security systems.

Let the Monster Protect You

Let Security Monster make your educational facility a place where your students and staff can pursue education without anxiety. Contact us today to get started on your security journey.