Do Security Systems Actually Work?

do security systems actually work

As a homeowner, you always want to keep your family and property safe. Of course, it’s wise to lock your doors and windows, but investing in a security system provides even more comprehensive protection. In 2022, U.S. thieves stole $463.5 billion of property — but unfortunately, authorities only recovered $38.9 billion of that. Investing in a quality security system can prevent theft, monitor your house and help you avoid the damage and stress of a home break-in.

Review this guide to learn how security systems work and what they do to determine if you should invest in one.

Is a Security System Worth It?

Do home security systems work? Yes, they deter break-ins and alert emergency responders to come to your home. In a survey of convicted burglars, 60% said they would choose another target if they saw an alarm system, and 50% said they would abandon the break-in if an alarm went off.

Would-be thieves want to get in and out quickly and quietly to avoid getting caught. A sudden, blaring alarm will startle them, and they will likely run away before the authorities arrive and arrest them.

What Does a Security System Do?

Security systems are the first line of defense when protecting your home. They work around the clock to watch and listen in, alerting you and emergency responders to intrusions. Strategically placed cameras watch for suspicious activity, recording anyone lurking around your property or trying to break in. Your system will alert you if it catches someone on camera, and you can decide whether to call for assistance or let the visitor in.

Additionally, security systems use sensors to detect unwanted entries. When opened without permission, door and window sensors trigger loud alarms, alerting you and the authorities to the intruder. Your security system can also detect other emergencies. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors linked to your security system will alert you to danger, letting you evacuate safely.

Overall, your security system gives you 24/7 control and monitoring. Stay on top of unexpected visitors, prevent intrusions and escape quickly during emergencies with a reliable system.

rapid response security system

The Benefits of Home Security

Technology continues advancing, giving you various innovative solutions to safeguard the things you cherish most. From deterring burglars and intruders to providing remote monitoring and instant alerts, the benefits of home security systems extend far beyond mere protection.

Consider all the advantages of installing a comprehensive security system for advanced comfort, control and convenience in an increasingly uncertain world. It’s the simplest, most effective way to protect and monitor your property.

Rapid Emergency Response

A rapid response is a significant benefit of having a security system. The technology will keep you and your household safe from break-ins and fires. Once triggered, sensors alert you to danger, letting you evacuate. At the same time, they automatically alert first responders, sending help as quickly as possible. Every second counts during an emergency, and security systems maximize those crucial seconds. Quick response times from authorities such as police, the fire department and EMTs can prevent further harm or injury during crises.

Theft Prevention

Home security systems guard your home 24/7, alerting you to unwanted intrusions or break-in attempts. Your security system will let you know if anyone unexpectedly opens an entry point or walks onto your property. With recorded footage and remote access, you can watch your home wherever you are, keeping your family and property safe. Loud alarms scare off intruders and alert authorities to the break-in attempt.

Smart Device Integration

Modern home security systems are more advanced than ever. Now, they can integrate with your smart home devices. Coordinate your security system with your home’s lights, thermostat or garage door opener. Plus, you can control everything from your smartphone, simplifying security and comfort. You can also set schedules, arm your system and adjust the thermostat remotely, even if you’re away. Smart home integration simplifies security while minimizing stress.

Discounts to homeowners who invest in security

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring is one of the most convenient benefits of security systems. Modern security systems pair with companion apps, so you can keep tabs on your house when you’re at the store, away for the holidays or on vacation. Open the app and check your cameras to make sure everything’s OK. You’ll receive alerts if a window or door gets opened or a stranger approaches your house. If you get a suspicious-looking notification, you can immediately contact emergency services to go check things out.

Insurance Discounts

Many companies offer discounts to homeowners who invest in security systems. Because you are less likely to file an expensive claim to cover the damage and losses you experience after a home break-in, your insurance company may be willing to reduce your rate to thank you for being proactive. You’ll protect your loved ones while saving big on your insurance premiums.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is priceless. Knowing you have a system that alerts you and the authorities during an emergency takes a massive weight off your shoulders. Instead of worrying about break-ins while you’re at work or on vacation, you can relax, knowing your security system will monitor any problems. You can live life to the fullest with cameras, sensors, remote monitoring and rapid response alerts to keep your home and family safe.

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