Security Tips for Building a New Home

security tips for building a new home

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Building a new home lets you customize your living space to your liking. Maybe you’ll have your dream kitchen, the perfect living space or ample closet room. But there’s one feature you should remember when designing your new home build ‚ÄĒ security.

Security systems are your best defense against burglaries, home invasions and other crimes. While you can always install security after building your home, it’s much easier during the building phase, where you have more freedom when it comes to placement and the type of system.

Continue reading for more security tips for building a new home, plus some additional features you’ll want to consider adding.

Security Systems for New Homes

According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program, burglaries of residential homes¬†make up 62.8% of all burglary offenses. The average loss per burglary amounted to over $2,000. Even if you live in a safe neighborhood, you should still take steps to protect your property, yourself and your loved ones.

Protecting your family and belongings is an essential task. If you’re looking to¬†install a security system¬†for your new-build home, your first step will be to determine what features you want before construction even starts. Factors to consider when installing a security system into your new home include:

  • Placement:¬†Where you place your security system, whether it’s one with cameras or a central hub where you activate and deactivate the alarm, is important to consider. You want to choose a place that’s easily accessible yet not completely obvious to outsiders.
  • Power source:¬†Your security system will run on electricity, so having good placement where it can integrate into your house’s electrical system is essential. This consideration is easier with a new build, as you can hook up electricity to your security system specifically.
  • Coverage:¬†Considering what your system will cover is also important. Where are the doors and windows in your new home? Will you have a detached garage that will need separate wiring? Having coverage near the main entrances of your home is a good start, but consider where else to cover before building your home.
  • Lighting:¬†It may do no good to have a security camera in your backyard if you can’t see what’s going on. In addition to alarm and camera systems, consider how you can use lighting to assist in your home security measures.

Security Camera Systems

If you want great security coverage that gives you the ability to check up on your home in real time, consider a security camera system. Installing cameras before building your home is the best option because you can integrate them into your construction plan much more easily than you would an already completed home.

Once you have your floor plan confirmed, consider where your entrances, windows and other important areas of your home will be. Having cameras that show both the outside and inside of your home, in addition to external buildings like garages and guest houses, can make your property more secure.

How much coverage you want is entirely up to you. With a¬†custom security camera system¬†from Security Monster, you have complete control over the design and placement of your camera system. You’ll also benefit from a¬†24-hour central monitoring station¬†and smartphone connection capabilities.

Security Alarms for new build homes

Security Alarms

A security alarm system is a great feature to add when building your new home. Besides the security benefits, a home alarm system can give you essential peace of mind, especially while you are away from home.

Installing a security alarm system during the building phase of your new home is a fantastic idea. When you install an alarm system, the technician will need to access the wiring, so installation will go much more smoothly if you do it while the wiring is exposed. You will want to place the central security hub in an easily accessible location, such as near the front or back door.

Security Monster’s¬†custom residential security systems¬†provide superior protection for your home based on your new house’s unique layout. Integrated alarms constantly monitor your home’s condition and send alerts to a central monitoring station and your own smartphone. You can even get a doorbell camera to monitor deliveries and activity outside your home.

Benefits of Installing Security When Building a Home

To determine whether you should install security before or after building your home, consider the advantages of doing so before:

  • Gain custom solutions made for the unique layout of your home.
  • Simplify installation and wiring.
  • Ensure your home can support the system you want.
  • Cut down on disruptions to your daily life when you move into your home.
  • Have everything set out to your exact specifications.

Add Smart Home Features During Construction

In addition to security measures to protect your home, there are other smart home features you can install during construction. Adding these will increase the value of your home and improve your quality of living. Consider adding these smart home features during your new home construction project:

  • Central vacuum:¬†Like a central air conditioning system, a¬†custom central vacuum system¬†provides vacuum power to every area of your house ‚ÄĒ meaning no more struggling with clunky machines or tangled wires. It can also prevent dust and debris from recirculating in your home. Using wall outlets, you can vacuum any room with just one central system built into the home.
  • Audio and visual system:¬†Immerse yourself in your favorite television shows, movies and music with a¬†custom home audiovisual entertainment system. Install speakers with unobtrusive wiring that can incorporate wireless and cloud technology. Plus, have the option to control your entire system with your smartphone.

Adding a central vacuum or audiovisual system during construction will ensure they are built to your exact specifications, and you can integrate them much more easily into your home’s existing wiring ‚ÄĒ which can make them more reliable and cut down on installation costs.

Contact Security Monster to get started on home security when building your home

Start Planning Your Security Needs With Security Monster

If you’re building a new home in Oregon, Security Monster has the expertise to ensure your home is outfitted with the¬†best security and smart home features¬†on the market. Protect your family and possessions from dangers and get essential peace of mind with a custom security system installed exactly how and where you want it. And with smart home features like central vacuums and audiovisual entertainment systems, you can lead a simpler life with fewer cords and devices cluttering up your space.

Ready to learn more about how Security Monster can enhance your new Oregon home? Contact us today to speak with an expert about your plans.


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