Are you looking to protect your home or business in or near Cottage Grove, OR? A modern, technologically advanced security system is crucial for safeguarding your property and the people who live or work there from threats.

Security Monster is a local, family-owned and -operated security company headquartered in nearby Eugene, OR. We've kept businesses and families safe since 2005 by providing innovative solutions that protect properties and provide peace of mind.

Residential and Commercial Security Services in Cottage Grove

Whether you own a home or business in Cottage Grove, Security Monster offers a full selection of advanced security equipment, including state-of-the-art surveillance cameras, alarms and video monitors you can manage from a single organized app interface. You'll also receive top-notch technical support to ensure your system delivers the around-the-clock protection you demand.

Cottage Grove Home Security Solutions

Security Monster can provide everything you need to keep your family safe:

  • Security camerasWe can design and install a fully customized video surveillance system that allows you to monitor your property 24 hours a day via your mobile device. We can also install doorbell cameras that enable you to interact with visitors without opening the door.
  • Security alarmsOur security systems provide access to alarms with apps that deliver instant alerts and video footage whenever a threat to your property occurs. Our central station monitoring service acts as an extra set of eyes for another layer of protection.

John Clarke
John Clarke
I have security monster at all of my store locations and now I have their protection at my home. Veronica in the office is very patient and amazing. Shannon was my installer and does a very professional job. The finish work of all of the equipment is perfect. If I thought I could steal her to work for me, I would!!!!!
Sherry Hogan
Sherry Hogan
Installation was smooth and very little disruption to our community. The installers were courteous and friendly. The cameras are amazing and now I can monitor our building from anywhere. The system is easy to use and I was up and running in very little time. Thank you Security Monster. I will definitely recommend you to others looking for a quality system.
Shaun Simpkins
Shaun Simpkins
Stephanie was a great help in supplying me the specialized parts I needed to complete moving a central vacuum in my garage. It's good to have a local source of central vacuum equipment in Eugene.
matthew witt
matthew witt
Shannon was working on a ladder when I approached her regarding my alarm, she was very pleasant and knowledgable. We have had problems with the sensor triggering alarm alerts the last few months. She immediately answered my questions regarding changing out the sensor. She installed a new light and sensor in the driveway, and we have had no issues since her past visit. Security Monster does a great job
Nora Shaner
Nora Shaner
Very professional staff !
George Koris
George Koris
We had multiple security cameras installed by Security Monster. High quality work done by knowledgeable techs. And the few times that we have needed it, their tech support has been excellent. Highly recommend them.

Commercial Security and Surveillance in Cottage Grove

Choose Security Monster to get the best solutions for safeguarding your employees and valuable business assets:

  • Surveillance systemsUse live, high-quality video to monitor the activities at every location and view recorded camera feeds stored in the cloud. A custom camera setup covers the most vulnerable areas in your facilities.
  • Security alarmsAn alarm system is crucial for alerting you to burglaries and break-ins at your business establishment and ensuring a prompt response from law enforcement. Our alarms are compatible with other security system equipment to provide comprehensive protection.
  • Fire alarmsWe'll install a state-of-the-art fire alarm system with smoke detectors to alert employees and customers inside the building to an emergency. You'll have reliable protection for your human and physical assets. The organized interface can help you determine whether the event is in response to a real threat or if someone or something may have triggered a false alarm.

Smart Home Technology for Cottage Grove

A smart home consists of the integration of a security system and other household features via wireless connectivity. Security Monster can provide:

  • Vacuum systemsUse a central vacuum system to remove dirt and debris from your home with less effort.
  • Security automationImplement advanced Wi-Fi technology to automate the control of your home security devices and manage them remotely.

Choose Security Monster for Your Cottage Grove Home or Business

Take the next step towards making your Cottage Grove home or business safer. Call us at 541-342-8111 or contact us online for a no-obligation security system quote.