Alarm Systems vs. Security Cameras

Alarm Systems vs security cameras

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As a business or residence owner, one of the most crucial aspects is keeping your property safe. You want to keep important possessions and documents protected from burglars or other attackers. Luckily, many forms of technology can monitor your property and make it easier to identify potential intruders.

Two of the most popular technologies for protecting buildings are alarm systems and security cameras. You can install either of these units in your home or business, and they will survey your property for potential intrusions. However, it’s sometimes tricky to understand the differences between the two options.

Here is an overview of the difference between security alarms and cameras and how to choose between them.

Difference Between Alarm Systems and Security Cameras

Alarm systems and security cameras have several notable differences. While similar, each has its own characteristics that separate them. A good way to compare them is by understanding how each one works and seeing how those traits differ.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are surveillance cameras you can install in many areas around your home or business. The cameras can constantly operate, meaning there’s constant visual footage of the action occurring on your property. In the case of an intrusion, the camera footage can display the intruder and when they broke in. You can also watch exactly what occurred on the video recording.

For instance, if you entered your business one morning and noticed signs of robbery or vandalism, you could immediately view the security footage to see what had happened. So long as the cameras were set up in each space the intruder entered, the recording would depict the intruder and what they stole or harmed after entering. Then, you could use that footage to escalate the situation in a police report.

Alarm Systems

In comparison, alarm systems also help you identify the presence of an intruder. Instead of using a camera to record footage, alarm systems use motion sensors and other equipment to alert you of unusual movement.

The sensors trigger an alarm, signaling to you that someone has invaded your property. The systems might also prompt strobe lights to start flashing. The technology also sends a message to you or a monitoring station. Some systems also automatically contact the authorities.

Normally, you set up an alarm system based on a protective perimeter. You create this by placing motion sensors around the area you want to shield. The alarm system is triggered if someone busts past this perimeter, such as breaking a window or busting down a door.

Major Differences

The most significant difference between the two technologies is their capacity for identification. While a security camera can display exactly what occurred during a break-in, it typically doesn’t alert you of the crime as it happens. In contrast, an alarm system alerts you when a burglary occurs but can’t give you video footage of the actual break-in. So, while both systems are beneficial, they also have significant differences.


Differences between alarm systems & security cameras

Cons of Security Cameras

There are many benefits of security cameras for your commercial property or residence, but they aren’t without limitations. They also have some downsides, such as:

  • Easy to spot:¬†Security cameras are often hard to hide. You want to place them in a spot with high traffic, such as right by the front door, to ensure you catch important activity. But if an intruder sees the camera, they could easily cover it or break it. This would make your security footage difficult to discern or cause you to lose the footage altogether.
  • Privacy issues:¬†Another con is that security cameras are usually set for constant recording. If you use one in your home, it will capture everything you or your family does. Many would feel uncomfortable with the nonstop surveillance.

Cons of Security Alarms

Just like security cameras, alarm systems have disadvantages. They provide strong protection for your property, but you might also encounter issues like:

  • Forgetting to turn them on:¬†Alarm systems usually require a manual setup. With a manual system, it’s up to you to remember to turn them on each day. Many people turn off their alarm systems during the day because of traffic in and out of the property. For instance, you wouldn’t want an alarm system to go off every time a customer walks through your door, so you’d probably switch the system off during the day. But if you don’t remember to turn it on again, your property would be unprotected overnight.
  • Accidentally setting them off:¬†You also run the risk of accidentally triggering the system during the day or night.¬†These accidents are prevalent in commercial businesses where different employees might open and close the building. If your system automatically contacts the police when set off, this could create a large hassle.

Should You Use Both Security Cameras and Alarms?

If you’re considering either a¬†security camera or alarm system, there is also another alternative. By installing both of these technologies, you receive comprehensive security for your building. Here are more benefits of using both systems:

  • You eliminate cons:¬†With both systems in place, you remove a few limitations of the individual programs. For instance, an alarm system lacks video footage, but if you install a camera, you would have an alarm system and footage of intrusions. If an intruder noticed your camera and broke it, the alarm system would remain in place.
  • You have back-up:¬†If one security system breaks or fails, you would still have the other for protection. Instead of going a few days without security measures as you look for replacements, you would stay assured of your building’s safety.

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Our security systems are perfect for home or commercial security. When you choose Security Monster, you receive:

  • Video and alarm capabilities:¬†Our systems are equipped with both alarm and video functions. This creates a comprehensive security system, alerting you of unusual activity and providing video footage of the event. You get the best features of security cameras and alarm systems, all wrapped into one.
  • Remote monitoring and access:¬†Security Monster offers remote access to your security systems. You can easily connect to cameras or alarms, turning them on or off even when you’re not physically at your property. The constant access makes it much easier to manage the system, even if you forgot to turn it on or off earlier.
  • Variety of personalized options:¬†We also provide custom solutions for our clients. If you have a particular request for your business or residence,¬†feel free to contact us¬†and we can get started on the best solution. With our variety of security options, you’re sure to find the right fit for your property.

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