Commercial Fire Alarm Installation in Eugene, OR

Security Monster's commercial fire alarm setups use the newest and most innovative technology to protect your business from fire. We're an experienced provider of commercial smoke detectors in Eugene, OR, so you can be sure your fire alarm system will keep your staff, customers and merchandise impeccably safe. Before designing a fire alarm setup, we conduct a meeting where we learn about your security goals and examine your building's layout. Afterward, our expert technicians will install a fire alarm system.

Our fire and security alarm systems consist of integrated security devices that are viewable right at your fingertips through our app. Its organized interface allows you to monitor your business's fire alarm system from anywhere so you can tell if an alarm is false or requires immediate assistance. Our apps contain Priority Group Chat features, enabling you to alert your staff to recent fire and security threats. We also offer a Remote Service app so you can see real-time footage of your business.

To complement our fire alarm systems, we offer 24/7 business monitoring features so someone always has an eye on your business. Our monitoring systems consist of UL-listed Five Diamond Certified Central Stations that work alongside your computer networks and alarms. With Security Monster, you'll have a live team of operators ready to respond to potential fires no matter the hour. If a fire is detected on your property, we alert the authorities right away to minimize damage.

Commercial Fire Protection Systems in Springfield, OR

Our team at Security Monster uses 15 years of knowledge in creating fire alarm systems that use only the most innovative and effective technology. Compared to do-it-yourself systems, a Security Monster alarm platform gives you continuous monitoring and ongoing technical support so you're always covered with fires or emergencies. When you partner with Security Monster, you can always rest assured knowing we have an extra set of eyes on your property.

Security Monster offers more than just security and fire alarm solutions. We're an experienced provider of business upgrades. With new and improved components, your technology will always be ready to combat tomorrow's fire and security threats. Through modifications like our wiring and cabling services, you can update your infrastructure and protect your business from electrical issues and fire threats. We provide several commercial business upgrades, including the following:

  • Control panels
  • Cabling and wiring upgrades
  • Patch panels
  • Phone blocks
  • Ladder racks

Give yourself and your employees peace of mind with the continuous protection of a Security Monster fire alarm system. Our experts are always ready to install comprehensive security solutions and help you take advantage of the latest integrated tech. Whether you're looking for a residential or commercial fire and security solution, we're ready to bring our experience to the table. Protect your establishment with fire alarm systems from Security Monster today.

Key Features

Fire Systems: Design-Build

If you don’t have drawings or plans for a fire alarm, we can provide you with design-build services. Allow our fire engineering team to design a compliant UL-listed fire alarm for your facility.

Monitoring & Inspections

We provide UL Listed Fire Alarm Monitoring along with Annual Inspection services of your Fire Alarm Control Panel. If your upgrading your systems, ask us about integrating with your other technology to save on your monthly monitoring!

Switch to Security Monster & Save

We can often times re-use your existing fire alarm and switch services over to Security Monster. Contact us today to see how we can help you save!