Digital Contact Tracing Installation and More in Eugene, OR

At Security Monster, we have experience installing the most innovative and cutting-edge digital contact tracing technology. While digital contact tracing may be a new field, we use our experience with surveillance, monitoring and wiring software to bring you the most effective and integrated solutions. Our process begins with a meeting where we determine the unique needs of your location's layout and learn what technology you'd like to implement into your business. We then design a system using the latest digital contact tracing technology.

Security Monster creates digital contact tracing setups that integrate all your technology and streamline the monitoring process. When possible, we will help you configure your technology into one organized interface so you can view all your business's footage right at your fingertips. Our digital COVID-19 related technology takes advantage of your business's existing cameras, alarms, AI and more so you don't have to shoulder the price of an entirely new system.

In addition to our digital contact tracing solutions, we offer artificial intelligence and video analytics services that enhance your business's ability to keep staff and customers safe. These complementary features help you conduct tasks such as searching by appearance, counting people and identifying intruders. When you opt for a comprehensive security system from Security Monster, your business will be more prepared for both potential security and health threats to your establishment.

As a locally owned and operated business, Security Monster provides faster response times, quotes and installation than the competition. Being near your company means we can arrive quickly at the scene when your equipment is malfunctioning or needs repair. Whether you need a technology expert at your building in an emergency or simply want an equipment refresher, we're just around the corner and ready to assist you.

John Clarke
John Clarke
I have security monster at all of my store locations and now I have their protection at my home. Veronica in the office is very patient and amazing. Shannon was my installer and does a very professional job. The finish work of all of the equipment is perfect. If I thought I could steal her to work for me, I would!!!!!
Sherry Hogan
Sherry Hogan
Installation was smooth and very little disruption to our community. The installers were courteous and friendly. The cameras are amazing and now I can monitor our building from anywhere. The system is easy to use and I was up and running in very little time. Thank you Security Monster. I will definitely recommend you to others looking for a quality system.
Shaun Simpkins
Shaun Simpkins
Stephanie was a great help in supplying me the specialized parts I needed to complete moving a central vacuum in my garage. It's good to have a local source of central vacuum equipment in Eugene.
matthew witt
matthew witt
Shannon was working on a ladder when I approached her regarding my alarm, she was very pleasant and knowledgable. We have had problems with the sensor triggering alarm alerts the last few months. She immediately answered my questions regarding changing out the sensor. She installed a new light and sensor in the driveway, and we have had no issues since her past visit. Security Monster does a great job
Nora Shaner
Nora Shaner
Very professional staff !
George Koris
George Koris
We had multiple security cameras installed by Security Monster. High quality work done by knowledgeable techs. And the few times that we have needed it, their tech support has been excellent. Highly recommend them.

COVID-19 Business Technology in Oregon

Manage Occupancy

Monitor the number of people in a space to comply with occupancy regulations and ensure public safety.

Reduce Crowding and Hotspots

Utilize dashboards to visually represent object movement, behavior trending, hotspots and object interactions.

Manage Building Maintenance & Cleaning

Keep your space clean by triggering notifications for cleaning crews when more than a certain number of people have entered the space.

Efficient Contact Tracing

Through accurate Face Recognition, Appearance Similarity, and Proximity Identification notify at-risk individuals and engage in safety protocols.

Enforce Physical Distancing

Easily quantify and analyze the distance between individuals and locations over time to identify non-compliance with Physical & Social Distancing mandates.

Face Mask Detection

Identify individuals who are non-compliant with face mask regulations using smart video analytics. Detect and alert when face masks are detected, or not detected on an individual, in real-time, and understand face mask compliance over time and location.

Use Security Monster's Contact Tracing Technology in Eugene, OR

Security Monster has more than 15 years of experience helping businesses with surveillance technology solutions. Our extensive experience in the commercial sector has allowed us to create comprehensive security and tech solutions, which are discreetly installed and available all in one digital interface. Compared to do-it-yourself systems, Security Monster offers ongoing technical support and is always ready to assist you with a second set of eyes to give you total security.

We specialize in surveillance and digital contact tracing technology while also offering additional business upgrades. This way, you're always ready for the next generation of technology before it drops. Our business enhancements include:

  • Cabling and wiring upgrades.
  • Ladder racks.
  • Phone blocks.
  • Control panels.
  • Fire alarm systems.
  • Security alarm systems.

Improve the health and safety of your patrons and staff when you partner with the digital contact tracing experts at Security Monster for COVID office solutions. We're committed to following the most cutting-edge developments in this new field so we can help you practice safe social distancing and live a healthy life. Do your part to stop the spread of illness with digital contact tracing from Security Monster today.