Efficient Contact Tracing

Through accurate Face Recognition, Appearance Similarity, and Proximity Identification notify at-risk individuals and engage in safety protocols.

Enforce Physical Distancing

Easily quantify and analyze distance between individuals and locations over time to identify non-compliance with Physical & Social Distancing mandates.

Face Mask Detection

Identify individuals who are non-compliant with face mask regulations using smart video analytics. Detect and alert when face masks are detected, or not detected on an individual, in real-time, and understand face mask compliance over time and location.

Manage Occupancy

Monitor the number of people in a space to comply with occupancy regulations and ensure public safety.

Reduce Crowding and Hotspots

Utilize dashboards to visually represent object movement, behavior trending, hotspots and object interactions.

Manage Building Maintenance & Cleaning

Keep your space clean by triggering notifications for cleaning crews when more than a certain number of people have entered the space.