Security Camera System Installation in Eugene, OR

At Security Monster, we have the technology and experts necessary to design and install a fully customized home camera system optimized for your needs. We use only the most innovative security camera solutions so you can get real-time insight into your security system no matter where you are in the world. Our quick installation services get the job done the first time and leave you with a discreet and well-wired system ready to handle your technology

We begin the home security camera system design process with a meeting where we ask questions about your home security goals and house layout. After we have thoroughly evaluated your home, we present you with the best cameras for your unique specifications and install them ourselves. Our expert technicians will train you on using your home security camera, apps and software so you can have peace of mind in your residence.

Our camera systems fully integrate with the rest of your residential security equipment. When your cameras pick up suspicious activity, that information is relayed to your alarm system, phone notifications and our central monitoring system if desired. The following security components work together with your camera to provide you a comprehensive view of your home and protect you from threats:


  • Doorbell cameras: Our doorbell cameras synchronize with your phone so you can interact wsecurity monster surveillanceith visitors even when you're not home. The Security Monster system uses a 2-Way voice integration system that's entirely secure.
  • Central station monitoring:¬†At Security Monster, we offer 24/7 monitoring services with guard response so there's always an eye on your home cameras. If a breach occurs, we dispatch real security guards to secure your property and notify local authorities if¬†necessary.
  • Security apps:¬†Our cameras connect directly to our organized app interface so you can get a physical confirmation that your home is safe wherever you are. With our app, you can easily disable false alarms and get emergency help.

John Clarke
John Clarke
I have security monster at all of my store locations and now I have their protection at my home. Veronica in the office is very patient and amazing. Shannon was my installer and does a very professional job. The finish work of all of the equipment is perfect. If I thought I could steal her to work for me, I would!!!!!
Sherry Hogan
Sherry Hogan
Installation was smooth and very little disruption to our community. The installers were courteous and friendly. The cameras are amazing and now I can monitor our building from anywhere. The system is easy to use and I was up and running in very little time. Thank you Security Monster. I will definitely recommend you to others looking for a quality system.
Shaun Simpkins
Shaun Simpkins
Stephanie was a great help in supplying me the specialized parts I needed to complete moving a central vacuum in my garage. It's good to have a local source of central vacuum equipment in Eugene.
matthew witt
matthew witt
Shannon was working on a ladder when I approached her regarding my alarm, she was very pleasant and knowledgable. We have had problems with the sensor triggering alarm alerts the last few months. She immediately answered my questions regarding changing out the sensor. She installed a new light and sensor in the driveway, and we have had no issues since her past visit. Security Monster does a great job
Nora Shaner
Nora Shaner
Very professional staff !
George Koris
George Koris
We had multiple security cameras installed by Security Monster. High quality work done by knowledgeable techs. And the few times that we have needed it, their tech support has been excellent. Highly recommend them.

Video Monitoring from Anywhere

View any of your cameras live and playback high definition video anytime, anywhere from any mobile device.

Doorbell Camera

See who is at your front door even when you're not home. 2-Way voice integration allows you to speak with visitors and interact as if you were home. Stop package thieves in their tracks and drive them away from your property while staying safe.

Notifications to your Phone

Receive smart video alerts with Video Analytics that provide real-time insights into your home while you're gone that push right to your mobile phone.

Guard Response

We offer real security guards to respond to your alarms. Upon arriving, they check your home to make sure all is well and notify authorities if there needs any escalation.

Apps at your Fingertips

Reduce false alarms and improve alarm response! Apps like Priority Group Chat and Remote Services Apps allow you to identify exactly what's going on at home while you're not there. With home security apps, you'll be the first to know when an alarm is false or genuine and be completely in the know about your home's security.

Protect Your Family With Security Monster

Security Monster has over 15 years of knowledge and experience designing and installing custom home security systems with the latest technology. With our new equipment and wireless integration, you can ensure your home's safety from any remote location and attain greater peace of mind. From home security cameras and alarms to residential upgrades such as central vacuums and audio and visual modifications, Security Monster is ready to enhance your home's technology.

Compared to do-it-yourself security systems, our Security Monster systems give you the gift of ongoing support. We're committed to upgrading and supporting your home technology today so you're better prepared for future threats. To ensure your and your family's safety, Security Monster continues supporting you after installation with 24/7 technical assistance and central monitoring, helping you stay prepared if a security breach or other issue arises at your residence. Invest in your family's safety with comprehensive home protection from Security Monster today.