The Importance of Upgrading Security Systems for Schools

As a school administrator, part of your job is ensuring your facility has effective security systems. Your students, staff and their family members entrust their well-being to you. Learn about how dangerous outdated security systems are and when to update them to protect your school in Oregon.

What Are the Dangers of Outdated Security Systems in Schools?

Security systems are constantly evolving to offer protection against new threats. By having outdated security systems in your school, you increase your chances of malicious individuals or damaging events compromising students’ and teachers’ safety. Let’s dive into some of the hazards of using these systems.

1. Limited Space to Store Footage

Older systems often have inadequate storage due to outdated hardware. New devices offer more space, meaning you can store more recorded footage and reference past events as needed.

2. Poor Video Quality

An out-of-date system may produce fuzzy pictures and videos that complicate identification and your next steps. With new surveillance cameras for your Portland school, you can enjoy sharper images that let you see every detail for more effective protection.

3. Fewer Capabilities

Your current system may not provide all-encompassing protection. With a new system, you can rest assured you have adequate instruments and security services for your school in Oregon. Newer security systems tend to offer extended capabilities, such as alarm systems, access control, guard response and central station monitoring.

How to Know if Your Security Is Outdated

You can ensure your security system offers adequate protection for your Portland school by knowing when to update it. In general, you should replace any system you’ve had for five to 10 years or longer. Other signs of an outdated system include:

  • A lack of updates: If your operating system stops receiving updates from its parent company, it may be time to upgrade.
  • Hard-to-find parts: When finding replacement pieces for your devices becomes difficult, your system is likely outdated.
  • Reduced features: If your system can no longer support modern innovations, like AI video analytics, an update may be necessary.

Available Upgrades for Your System

In many cases, you can update your system without replacing it. Security Monster excels in offering security services for schools. Some examples of our upgrades include:

We also offer devices to help you control access to your property and detect fires quickly.

Partner With Security Monster for Effective School Protection

Security Monster provides devices and services to enhance schools’ security systems in Portland, Oregon, and beyond. Complete our contact form or call us to connect with our skilled team today.


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