COVID-19 Technology

Efficient Contact Tracing

Through accurate Face Recognition, Appearance Similarity, and Proximity Identification notify at-risk individuals and engage in safety protocols.

Enforce Physical Distancing

Easily quantify and analyze distance between individuals and locations over time to identify non-compliance with Physical & Social Distancing mandates.

Face Mask Detection

Identify individuals who are non-compliant with face mask regulations using smart video analytics. Detect and alert when face masks are detected, or not detected on an individual, in real-time, and understand face mask compliance over time and location.


Manage Occupancy

Monitor the number of people in a space to comply with occupancy regulations and ensure public safety.

Reduce Crowding and Hotspots

Utilize dashboards to visually represent object movement, behavior trending, hotspots and object interactions.

Manage Building Maintenance & Cleaning

Keep your space clean by triggering notifications for cleaning crews when more than a certain number of people have entered the space.


Security Alarms

Manage Multiple Locations

Utilize our apps to manage one or many locations. Easy to add/delete users, receive notifications when systems aren't armed or simply arm/disarm remotely if you or an employee forgot on your way out.

Integrations & Mobile Apps

We can bring many technologies together for single app interface. Integrate Video, Access Control, Lighting, and more into your Security Platform for easy use.

Industry's Most Secure Wireless

2-Way Supervised Wireless from DMP is the most secure wireless available, giving you peace of mind while we protect your business.



Video Monitoring from Anywhere

View Live and Playback High Definition Video anytime, anywhere at your fingertips

Manage Multiple Locations

Whether its just a few cameras at a single location or hundreds across multiple sites, our apps make it easy for your to check in.

Cloud Options

We provide onsite recording solutions as well as Cloud technology that eliminates the need for a recording onsite. Lets us educate you on the benefits and when the cloud is right for you.


Artificial Intelligence & Video Analytics

Appearance Search

Deep Learning and AI search engine sorts through hours of video with easy to quickly locate specific persona or vehicles of interest

People Counting

Heatmaps and counting of persons entering or leaving an area. Even identify demographic such as man, woman, child and receive alerts

Intrusion Notification

Looking to protect an outdoor asset? With our intrusion detection systems, we can identify intrusions with virtual fence lines to identify and potentially apprehend an individual before the crime is escalated


Access Control

On-Premise & Cloud Options

We provide solutions that allow an on-premise appliance as well as cloud deployment for your access control system. Ask about our hybrid solutions as well.

Bluetooth & Mobile Credentials

Use your cellphone as your credential! Your employees can be issued a bluetooth credential on their mobile device while giving you the same visibility in reporting when they swipe at doors.

Intercom & Gate Control

Utilize a SIP or Network based Intercom product along with the ability to remotely open a gate from your mobile device or at the comfort of your computer anytime/anywhere.


Fire Systems

Design Build

If you don’t have drawings or plans for a fire alarm, we can provide you with design build services. Allow our fire engineering team to design a compliant UL listed fire alarm for your facility.

Monitoring & Inspections

We provide UL Listed Fire Alarm Monitoring along with Annual Inspection services of your Fire Alarm Control Panel. If your upgrading your systems, ask us about integrating with your other technology to save on you monthly monitoring!

Switch to Security Monster & Save

We can often times re-use your existing fire alarm and switch services over to Security Monster. Contact us today to see how we can help you save!


Cabling & Wiring

New Homes & Commercial Cabling

We provide cabling services for Residential & Commercial contractors. It could be a few data drops to a full blown structured wiring need for a new building or dwelling.

Pre-Wire for Technology

Allow us to pre-wire for you and your clients future. Technology may not be in place today but that doesn't mean we can't help you be prepared down the road.

Data & Phone Racks

Full IT closet installations including Patch Panels, Phone Blocks, Ladder Racks, etc. We can design and install all your data/phone needs while keeping it clean and organized.


Central Station Monitoring

24/7 Monitoring

Our UL listed and Five Diamond Certified Central Station offers redundant communications, computer networks, alarm receiving equipment along with backup power. Our operators are live 24/7 monitoring your security system.

Guard Response

We offer real security guards to respond to your alarms. Upon arriving, they check your home to make sure all is well and notify authorities if there needs any escalation.

Apps at your Fingertips

Reduce false alarms and improve alarm response! Apps like Priority Group Chat  to communicate with your family and Remote Services Apps allow you to identify exactly whats going on at home while your not there.

No Long Term Contracts

Same Day Service

24-Hour Real Person Support

Internet Control of Systems



Customize your security to fit your needs.



let the MONSTER protect you

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