How to Make Students Feel Safer in University

While many students feel safe on campus, others have reasonable concerns about theft, assault, gun violence and other risks. Fortunately, campuses can improve student confidence by implementing solutions that raise their perceived security.

The Importance of Student Safety at College

The National Center for Education Statistics found that over 27,000 crimes were reported in postsecondary education settings during the 2019-2020 academic year. Statistics like these lead many prospective students and their families to consider crime rates and student safety in universities when choosing a school.

Feelings of safety reduce students’ stress, empowering them to focus on their studies and community. Colleges with a higher level of perceived safety may see better academic performance and higher engagement on campus.

Equip Your Campus With College Security Systems From Security Monster

Colleges can help students feel safer by integrating security systems for universities into their infrastructure. This technology can include an array of solutions, such as:

  • Security cameras: Installing visible cameras in shared spaces and across campus often acts as a deterrent for many crimes and high-risk behaviors. Cameras also enable your university to opt for in-house security or a third party to monitor around the clock — or to review footage in case of an incident.
  • Access control: Many facilities on campus are more secure when only the people who need access can enter. Grant students, faculty and staff key cards that allow them into academic buildings, eating areas, dormitories, lounges and other spaces. You can change permissions and update access as needed each semester or year.
  • Alarm systems: An alarm system allows your security team to receive alerts when someone enters an off-limits area or uses a door meant only for emergencies. Whether an office should be closed after hours or side exits on a dormitory need additional perimeter security, alarm systems ensure you’re aware of any breaches.

Discuss Your University’s Safety Concerns With Our Experts

Security Monster has worked to make our communities safer since 2005, and we have the specialized experience to do the same for your campus.

Beyond residential and commercial properties, we’re knowledgeable in implementing security systems for schools and similar facilities. Our professionals can tailor a security system to meet your college’s needs and support your efforts with additional services, such as 24/7 monitoring, to maximize your resources.

Contact our team to discuss how our security systems can improve student safety at your university. We’ll listen to your needs, recommend the best solutions for them and prepare a quote.


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