How to Choose the Best Security System Option for Your School

Choosing the best security systems for your school is essential to helping families, students and staff feel secure and comfortable within your facilities.

1. Evaluate Your Security Concerns

Every school has different security needs, so the best system for your building will adapt to your situation and address the security concerns you encounter. A few types of security issues you may face include:

  • Bullying
  • Illegal substance use
  • Theft
  • Violence
  • Intruders

The best type of security system for your building will also depend on the systems you currently have. You may need to supplement or enhance devices already installed, or you may need an entirely new system to keep up with evolving security demands.

2. Determine What Kind of Security Devices You Need

Once you understand what your security needs are, you can identify the best security systems to fulfill those requirements. You’ll want to find devices that are effective yet noninvasive so teachers and students can enjoy a peaceful, reassuring learning environment.

Search for a robust, versatile and customizable security solution that can secure your building with multiple layers of protection. Different security system options include:

  • Video surveillance cameras:¬†A¬†comprehensive surveillance system¬†will come with security cameras for your school so you can view high-quality live feeds and send recordings to appropriate personnel when needed.
  • Access control systems:¬†Track, monitor and record those who enter your facilities¬†through access control systems¬†with components such as cards, key fobs, entry codes, electric locks and more.
  • Fire systems:¬†Equip your building with¬†an effective fire alarm system¬†designed to work within your unique space.
  • Security alarms:¬†When choosing¬†the right security alarms, look for an easy-to-manage system that covers your entire building.

3. Choose a Trustworthy Security Company

Ensure campus protection by selecting a reliable security company with comprehensive school campus surveillance services. They can help you pick the best security system and then manage it for you, so you can rest easy knowing your system is working effectively and your school is protected.

A professional security company can:

  • Assess your space and offer honest recommendations
  • Install your new security equipment¬†in subtle yet effective locations
  • Monitor your system continually
  • Maintain your system for optimal effectiveness

Secure Your School With Help From Security Monster

As a full-service security company, Security Monster offers a variety of innovative security solutions and packages to help protect schools across Oregon with minimal interference for students and staff. Learn more about our school security systems or contact us online to see how we can help increase safety and peace of mind on your campus!


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