Should You Upgrade Your Door Locking System at Your University?

Door locking system at your university

You should continually confirm that the door locking systems on your campus are up to date to ensure the safety of students, staff and visitors. From dorms to classrooms, the doors at educational institutions require updated security solutions that keep threats out while enabling staff and students to protect themselves.

When to Upgrade Your Door Locking System

The following are strong signs that your college or university should upgrade its door locking systems:

  • There has been a recent break-in
  • You constantly need to replace lost keys
  • Door locks are poor quality
  • Your staff loses time due to needing to unlock doors manually
  • The locks are old and worn out
  • Doors are too damaged to latch or lock correctly
  • Buildings or rooms have undergone renovations

The Dangers of Outdated Door Locking Systems

Outdated door locking systems pose several risks to students, staff and the university. Waiting to upgrade your doors can increase the chances of:

  • Unprepared staff members and students:¬†Your campus needs updated door locking systems so staff and students can respond to and protect themselves during an emergency.
  • Reduced student enrollment:¬†Students and their families look for campuses where they feel secure, so if your door locking system is outdated, they may choose another school to attend.
  • Increased expenses:¬†Lost keys are time-consuming and costly to replace, resulting in more expenses for your university.

Options for Upgrading Your Door Locking System

Threats and safety standards are constantly evolving, so you need security solutions that help you stay ahead. You can give your staff and students the safe and comfortable learning environment they deserve by upgrading your door locking system to innovative access control options such as:

  • Automatic door locking systems:¬†A self-locking door increases security and convenience by eliminating the risks of lost keys and picked locks. You can control locks remotely, scheduling when the doors will lock and unlock to save time for your staff and improve campus security.
  • Card or key fob door locking systems:¬†Card or key fob access systems allow you to monitor and control who has access to a building. Codes are easy to change, and users simply need to swipe a card or wave a fob to unlock the secure door.

Get the Best Protection With Help From Security Monster

When you need to upgrade your campus door locking system to ensure student and staff safety, trust Security Monster. As a full-service security company that services Eugene, Oregon, and surrounding areas, we have a variety of classroom and university dorm safety options to meet your unique needs. Reach out online to learn more!


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